About Archipelago Tours

'NYC Archipelago Tours' is Robert Cavinee's tour guiding business, specializing in guided tours of New York's islands. We offer guided tours for individuals, step on service for tour operators, team building adventures for businesses and New York subway token necklaces for everybody. 

Our mission is to help our guests explore New York's islands and promote the best businesses and activities in the city.

The name: New York City is made up of many islands, an archipelago is defined as "a group of many islands in a large body of water" although some nay sayers may argue that New York Harbor is not "large"  to them I say NAY. 

The logo: the logo you see as the banner on our page, on our cards and products comes from a photo of me taken in the south island of New Zealand.
Edited by Puke into my business card.

The original photo with no editing